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Rifle & Pistol

The outdoor range is open!

2017 Sight-In Days at our Outdoor Range   Sight in your rifle for the upcoming hunting season!

Sight-In Days will be held at our Outdoor Range from 11am-3pm weekends:

o October 21st & 22nd
o October 28th & 29th
o November 4th & 5th
o November 11th & 12th

There will be certified Range Safety Officers on site to help provide a safe, enjoyable shooting environment. First target is provided and you may purchase more at an additional cost. All rifles will be fired from a seated bench position using Lead Sleds or sandbags. Cost is $5 for members or $20 for a non-member daily membership ($15 +$5 range fee).


The Outdoor Range is operated by a dedicated group of volunteer range safety officers (RSOs) with the common goal of providing a safe and enjoyable place for people of all ages to develop and practice their shooting skills.

The Outdoor Rifle Range is for bench shooting only with distances out to 100 yards.   Sandbags and Lead Sled rests are provided along with spotting scopes for your use.

Each shooter receives a regulation paper target when they sign in at the Outdoor Range office.  Additional targets are available for $1 each.

Cost is $5 for members.  Daily memberships for non-members are $15 and a $5 range fee.  The $20 can be applied toward a yearly family membership within 30 days with receipt.

Outdoor Range Hours:

Currently, the Outdoor Range is by appointment only.  Please stop at the Club or call  842-9711 during regular business hours to schedule.

Look for our Sight-In Days coming this fall.

If you have any questions about the Outdoor Range or are interested in volunteering please inquire here.