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There is still time to sign up for Winter League!  

The first 3 weeks scores must be completed by January 30. The following week will be a bye week so that handicap’s can be computed. On Saturday, February 5, we will have another fun shoot.  The 10-week winter league will end on March 27.  

We are planning an outdoor winter league party!  The date has not yet been determined, although it will likely be in early May, once the weather has warmed up some. 

Scores will be recorded on paper sheets hung on the walls.  From there they will be transferred into the computerized scoring program to compute handicaps and team scores. Those results will be scrolling on the big-screen.  However, the scoring is only accurate when each shooter fills out the information on the score sheet completely. Please put first and last name in the name line in red if for winter league score. Fill in the date, team number and week number you are shooting.   


Recently one of our members who works at Consumer Power came out with several trucks and crews to set a new light pole for the compact clays course and mounted the four new LED lights we had purchased. This should significantly improve the experience of shooting this course at night 

This year each station has six throwers. Three throwers will be active at a time. This will allow the course to change mid-league without having to move throwers that are frozen to the ground and covered with snow. 

Weeks 1-3 -Course 1.  This will be the period for setting handicap scores.
FEBRUARY 5TH FUN SHOOT- open to all everyone 
Weeks 4-6 – we will change to shoot the Course 2. 
Week 7 & 8 – will be a mix of Courses 1 and 2 
Week 9 & 10 – will be a different mix of Courses 1 and 2 




Sign-up on our CPL CLASSES page 

BASIC PISTOL CLASS – Learn the basics of pistol shooting with your own gun!  See BASIC PISTOL CLASS page. 


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