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Concealed Pistol Class (CPL)

Offered by NORGC Monthly or by special request from groups 6 or more


May 2024 CPL CLASS


Tuesday and Thursday, May 21st and 23rd, from 6-10pm


  • Lead Instructor is a retired Federal Special Agent with 30 years experience specializing in firearm proficiency and concealment training.
  • Cost is $125 for members and $150 for non-members
  • Please bring 100 rounds of ammo for your pistol along with eye and ear protection.
  • This is NOT a basic pistol course.  Students are expected to have reasonable proficiency with their firearm.
  • Must attend both class sections for certificate.

This class gives the certification required by the State of Michigan to obtain a Concealed Pistol License.  The class complies with all regulations set forth by the State of Michigan.  The course consists of classroom instruction, legal information, and live fire.

Our Lead Instructor is a retired Federal Special Agent with 30 years practical experience training other Federal Special Agents throughout the United States.  He utilizes real world, experience based approach teaching firearms proficiency and concealment.  This truly unique skill set with such a broad base of expertise makes this CPL course one of the premier courses in the State of Michigan. 

We can also hold special classes for your group.  A minimum of 3 people are required.  All women classes, corporate classes, friends or families, or any three or more people who would like to get together and be certified to carry concealed.

Cost is $125 for members or $150 for non-members.  A portion of your non-member fee may be applied to a membership if done immediately.

  • Other dates and times upon request.  We can schedule a class evenings and/or weekdays to meet your needs. (Minimum of 6 students).Students must have proper eye and ear protection.
  • Student must bring 2 boxes (100 rounds) of ammo and their own pistol no magnums please).
  • Class time consists of course instruction, legal portion, and live fire qualifying. Please allow a minimum of eight hours to complete the class.
  • All class materials are included.
  • NOTE: training complies with 5j of 1927 PA372 as amended by 2OOO PA381 as amended by 2OO2 PA719,  To view a complete copy of the Michigan Concealed Pistol License law, visit the Michigan State Police web site at mi.gov/msp .
  • VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. Please make checks payable to NORGC.

For more information, INQUIRE HERE or call the Club during normal business hours at (616) 842-9711

NORGC – CPL Class Application Form