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for youth in the shooting sports

NORGC is excited to team with NORA to provide our youth with opportunities to experience a variety of shooting sports in a summer camp format.  The youth shooting sports camps will take the place of our annual Saturday winter kid’s league.

NORGC/NORA is offering age appropriate BB gun instruction/competition with a possibility of going to the 50 year old Daisy National Championship Match!  NORGC has certified instructors who will teach the basic shooting positions at 5 meters on NRA targets.  We have all new Daisy Avanti BB guns, the most accurate BB gun made as well as new shooting pads and premium Daisy BBs.  This is a 4 day camp meeting a couple hours each morning.

Archery is another shooting opportunity for youth with stick and string.  This camp will shoot both indoors and outdoors on static bullseye targets as well as 3-D targets.  We have new Genesis bows that fit a variety of sizes and carbon arrows for true flight.  This will be a 4 day camp as well meeting in the mornings.  

Skeet, trap, and our NEW Sporting Clays camp offers youth the opportunity to enjoy the shotgun sports.  NORGC has youth 20 gauge shotguns to fit nearly every size.  Coupled with low recoil ammo, they give the young shooter a chance to bust some clays!  We hope to inspire our young shooters to join the Grand Haven High School Trap Team which has gone to the State shoot both years of it’s existence!  As an added bonus, we hope to foster the interest of new shooters to join  The Scholastic Clay Target Program in 2020 competing against others at different shooting venues.

Please call NORA at 616 850-5125 with any questions or to register.  Additional information is in the registration flyers below.


In accordance with Michigan Department of Natural Resources, our staff of Certified Hunter Safety Instructors provide hands on and classroom training to young hunters. Students will learn about gun safety, rules and the law taught by a Michigan Conservation Officer, first aid taught by First Responders, habitat, conservation, live fire, and more!  We teach our classes in conjunction with the Eagles FOE #925 who graciously provide dinner for our class each session.

Our Hunter Safety class is open to all ages.  However, please be advised that the material is written for a student who is 11 or 12 years of age.  Some of the concepts may be harder for a youngster in early elementary to understand and internalize.  We also utilize live fire training to teach gun safety.  For some young students, the 20 gauge is too much.  To that end, the DNR offers it’s mentoring program where the youngster can hunt with you, learning directly from the mentor who’s never more than arm’s length away.  They can transition from the mentor program to the apprentice program; still under the guidance of the parent/guardian.  Then after a few years they take the Hunter Safety course applying what they’ve learned from their mentor as well as from the DNR.  It’s a well-designed process going from mentor hunter to apprentice hunter to full-fledged Hunter Safety certified hunter.  Read more at http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10363_58977-271085–,00.html and http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10363_74041—,00.html

Ultimately, it’s up to the parent or guardian.  They know the student’s skill level and learning ability.  Either now or in the future, we welcome you and your young hunter.  Please let us know if you have any questions.